First Date Ideas

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  • Awesome1CT ( 33 / M / South Africa )

    But I would suggest drinks,just to crush out the finer details of what you about

  • GirlSpicey ( 28 / W / Norman, OK )

    My perfect & most romantic first date idea whould probably be to go to an International Zoo or, local zoo. I am the hopeless romantic type & really seek connection so just & day with nature, observing animals within thei...  read more >>

  • Gymchot14 ( 25 / W / Allentown, PA )

    As simple as going on a walk, grabbing coffe, or going out for dinner. Let's have fun and get to know one another.

  • AshJin ( 21 / W / Jackson, TN )

    Something lowkey such as going to a restaurant or the park. Nothing super extravagant for the first date since we're getting to know each other.

  • OceanK ( 23 / W / West Palm Beach, FL )

    Let's have an adventure

  • OceanJ ( 23 / W / West Palm Beach, FL )

    Something adventurous and fun

  • ChocolateDime ( 44 / W / Florence, SC )

    How about a quiet but lovely setting where we can talk without interruptions, and eat the meal of our choice

  • 1AlltrueMan ( 52 / M / Naples, FL )

    It's all about chemistry

  • Road_Whisperer ( 59 / M / Blackstock, SC )

    Someplace quiet and peaceful, preferably doing something we both like. Makes it easier to 'break the ice' and get to know each other.

  • islandgirl_78 ( 29 / W / Birmingham, England - West Midlands )

    A first date for me could be anywhere. I'm not at all bothered or focused on where or what it should be. I just look forward to enjoying the company and hoping my date is interesting to me.

  • LAmbrose16 ( 34 / M / Milwaukee, WI )

    The first date is discussed, but I believe it should be agreed upon.... I am a simple, Man, humble and quizzical like a puzzle in the best way... And like a good book, I promise each day shared, whether in person or comm...  read more >>

  • blackberrychoco ( 30 / M / New York, NY )

    How about if we had a candlelight dinner and prolly take a walk on the beach holding hands and getting to know ourselves

  • mich4superiorbbc ( 23 / W / London, England - London )

    Can sometimes be romantic . Love public acts of serving. Whether it be at a club or bar. When You take control immediately then that sends me wild. If You push the boundaries and test my limits.

  • DivaChic ( 29 / W / Brandon, FL )

    A first date, for me, could be any number of the above choices... Drinks, lunch, dinner, culinary adventures, museums and galleries, sporting event or sightseeing. Anything that gives the opportunity to break the ice wit...  read more >>

  • claud79 ( 37 / W / Kissimmee, FL )

    First date,mmmm..well maybe grab a bite somewhere where we can have a conversation to learn about each other..see if we have a connection or not

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